Strategy Seminar 2017-2018

Coller School of Management


Academic Year 2017-2018

Room: Recanati 305

Wednesday at 11:15-12:30 

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Date Speaker/Affiliation presentation Comment
25.10.17 Yaniv Yedid-Levi,
Vancouver School of Economics,
University of British Columbia
How Exporters Grow
(Joint with Doireann Fitzgerald and Stefanie Haller)
1.11.17 Yonatan Gur,
Graduate School of Business,
Stanford University
Learning in Repeated Auctions with Budgets: Regret Minimization and Equilibrium
Starts at 10:45
due to Itzhak Rabin Memorial ceremony
8.11.17 Neil Thakral,
Department of Economics,
Harvard University
Daily Labor Supply and Adaptive Reference Points  
15.11.17 Assaf Sarid,
Department of Economics,
The University of Haifa
Geographical Origins and Economic Consequences of Language Structures (Joint with Oded Galor and Omer Ozak)
22.11.17 Miri Stryjan,
Economics Department,
Ben Gurion University
Preparing for Genocide: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
​(Joint with Evelina Bonnier, Jonas Poulsen and Thorsten Rogall)
29.11.17 Yossi Spiegel,
School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
Minority Share Acquisitions and Collusion: Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs
​(Joint with Sven Heim, Kai Huschelrath and Ulrich Laitenberger)
6.12.17 Tsur Somerville,
Sauder School of Business,
The University of British Columbia
Negative Externalities of Density: My Neighbor's New House
(Joint with Tom Davidoff and Andrey Pavlov)
11.12.17 Alon Bergman,
Department of Economics,
University of Rochester
The Causal Effects of Pharmaceutical Payments on Physician Prescriptions
Job Talk,
The lecture will take place on Monday
20.12.17 Daniel Fershtman,
Department of Economics,
Northwestern University
Dynamic Delegation: Specialization and Favoritism
Job Talk
27.12.17 Ity Shurtz,
Department of Economics,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Physician Workload and Treatment Choice: The Case of Primary Care
(Joint with Adi Alkalay, Alon Eizenberg and Amnon Lahad)
28.12.17 The 7th Annual Israeli I.O. Day   Programme
3.1.18 Anat Bracha,
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
The Effect of Text Reminders and APR Information on Creditworthiness in the United States
10.1.18 Yair Antler,
Department of Economics,
University of Essex
Multilevel Marketing: Pyramid-Shaped Schemes or Exploitative Scams
16.1.18 Raviv Murciano-Goroff,
Department of Economics
Stanford University
Missing Women in Tech: The Labor Market for Highly Skilled Software Engineers
Job Talk,
The lecture will take place on Tuesday
17.1.18 --Cancelled--    
24.1.18 Asaf Zussman,
Department of Economics,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Identity and Bias: Insights from Driving Tests
(Joint with Revital Bar)
20.2.18 Joel Waldfogel,
Carlson School of Management,
University of Minnesota
Platforms, Power and Preferential Placement: Evidence from Spotify Playlists
(Joint with Luis Aguiar)
The lecture will take place on Tuesday at 14:15
25.2.18 Sandro Shelegia,
Department of Economic and Business,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Beliefs and Consumer Search in a Vertical Industry
(Joint with Maarten Janssen)
The lecture will take place on Sunday in room ​306
7.3.18 Zvika Neeman,
Berglas School of Economics,
Tel Aviv University
How Bayesian Persuasion can Help Reduce Illegal Parking and Other Socially Undesirable Behavior
(Joint with Penelope Hernandez)
14.3.18 Andrew F. Daughety
Jennifer F. Reinganum,
Department of Economics,
Vanderbilt University
Market Structure, Liability, and Product Safety
21.3.18 Kobi Glazer,
Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
Department of Economics, The University of Warwick
Measuring and Mitigating Incentives for Service Distortion in Managed Health Care: the Israeli Example
(Joint with Shuli Brammli-Greenberg and Ruth Waitzberg)
11.4.18 Tomaso Duso,
Firms and Markets Department,
DIW Berlin
The Effect of Retail Mergers and Variety: An Ex-post Evaluation
(Joint with Elena Argentesi, Paolo Buccirossi, Roberto Cervone and Alessia Marrazzo)
25.4.18 Bruno Jullien,
Toulouse School of Economics
Privacy Protection and Consumer Retention
(Joint with Yassine Lefouili and Michael Riordan)
2.5.18 Noa Zychlinski,
The Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management,
Time-Varying Fluid Networks with Blocking: Models Supporting Patient Flow Analysis in Hospital
9.5.18 Matt Jackson,
Department of Economics,
Stanford University
The Interaction of Communities, Religion, Governments, and Corruption in the Enforcement of Contracts and Social Norms
(Joint with Yiqing Xing)
16.5.18 Andreas Hefti,
Economics Department,
University of Zurich
Confusion, Competition and Polarization
(Joint with Armin Schmutzler and Shuo Liu)
23.5.18 Ella Segev,
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management,
Ben Gurion University
Social Learning and the design of New Experience Goods
(Joint with Pnina Feldman and Yiangos Papanastasiou)
30.5.18 Luca Merlino,
Department of Economics,
​University of Antwerp
The Private Provision of Public Goods on Endogenous Networks
(Joint with Markus Kinateder)
6.6.18 Francis Bloch,
Paris School of Economics
Friend-Based Targeting
(Joint with Matthew Olckers)
13.6.18 Ran Eilat,
Department of Economics,
Ben Gurion University
On Designing Mechanisms under Privacy Constraints
(Joint with Kfir Eliaz)
19.6.18-21.6.18 Beliefs and Economic Behaviour: A Conference in Honour of Dov Samet   Website
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